27.day (Friday 5.4.2019)

Today we went to Bojnice Castle and zoo. It was really fun and beautiful. We didn’t want to go back to the hotel because we wanted to stay and look at the monkeys they were really interesting.When we went to lunch we ate a sqare pizza, because Who says pizza has to be round. Castle Bojnice is really big and we went under it and it looked like a cave. When we came to the hotel we went packing and to sleep.


26.day(Thursday 4.4.2019)

Today we had the presintation. There were 4 other countries The Czech Republic, The Romanian Republic, The Hungarian Republic and The Slovak Republic. Tadeja was Maja’s model and Sara was Tjaša ‘s model. Maja and Tadeja had to change the hairstyle the last day because they didn’t want to copy from the internet so they came up with the hairstyle 1day before the presintation. At school they let us borrow 2 dresses. After we finished we had the photoshooting and then lunch in Koliba. We didn’t want to be like others and they told us that we can do whatever we wanted so we had to improvise a little because we had to work in the style of the dresses. I think the important thing is that we had fun when we were doing the hairstyles and we felt comftable doing what we all love.

Sara finished hairstyle and outfit
Maja donig make up on Sara
Sara finished hairstyle
Tadeja’ almost finished hairstyle

22.day (Sunday 31.3.2019)

Today Maja and Tadeja went to Budapest. Sara and Tjaša stayed in Nove Zamky. Me and Tadeja went on a train at 10.52 and arrived to Budapest at 12.20. First we exchanged euros to forints and then we went to eat after we went on a bridge over river Donava we went to the other side and then back. We found a really Nice Park where we chilled for a little and then we walked to the train station and we went really slowly to see all the old buildings. After we went to Nove Zamky to Mlyn the restaurant to eat and then we walked back to the hotel.

21.day (Saturday 30.3. 2019)

Today we went to Bratislava. Itwas amazing we went to Bratislava castle and it is really beautiful. We woke up at 7 00 and we went on a train at 9.24 we Got to Bratislava at 10.35 and then we went to coffee and there we asked what is the best thing to go look at in Bratislava and they said that the castle is really beautiful. So we went and we were so impressed. Tomorrow we are going to Budapest andwe cant wait.


20.day (Friday 29.3.2019)

Today at school we did some hairstyles on each other. After school we went to sleep for 2 hours and then we called a taxsi to Aquarius shopping center in Nove Zamky. We went to a restaurant to eat and we were really proud because we orderd everything we wanted in Slovak language. And we talk about it later and saw the differece how much we already know. We are realy proud that we can talk to People and that they understand us when we speak in Slovak.

Eating pizza
We had to take a photo of the treas

19.day (Thursday 28.3. 2019)

Today at school we did some hairstyles on Tadeja and Sara and we cut a bob and colored one custumer. After we went to eat and then we walked to get coffee. We hope that we are going to do good at the presintation that is one week from today. And we decited to go to Bratislava tomorow maybe. We started to miss Slovenija a little.